People Water | Haiti Project
People Water got the opportunity to go to Haiti. There is a major issue that 70% of all we...
published: 27 Nov 2012
author: People Water
Water In The Time Of Cholera: Haiti's Most Urgent Health Problem
Life for most Haitians is a constant struggle for clean water. And now that cholera has in...
published: 12 Apr 2012
author: NPR
People Water Haiti 2
People Water and Cody got the opportunity to go back to Haiti but this time Cody was able ...
published: 29 Oct 2013
Clean Water for Haiti - about filters and health training
Description of Clean Water for Haiti's work to empower locals to build filters that will l...
published: 24 Aug 2006
Haiti Water Project
In March as part of a medical trip, we took 12 lifesaver Jerrycan filters to central Haiti...
published: 07 May 2012
author: GellRok
Clean Water for Haiti
For close to a decade Clean Water for Haiti has been a partner on the ground for Crossroad...
published: 18 Mar 2014
Water Competition in Haiti / Dlo konpetisyon an Ayiti 2013
Water Competiton ,who will sell the most ....Konpetisyon dlo kiyes ki vann Plis....
published: 13 Mar 2013
author: lotnivotv
Dragon's Breath Zip Line (world's longest zip line over water) Labadee, Haiti
Dragon's Breath Zip Line in Labadee, Haiti. My old man was hung out to dry in the wind sin...
published: 19 Oct 2012
author: DoctaFoxXx
Unshaken - The charity: water campaign for clean water in Haiti
On World Water Day, Monday, March 22, charity: water will launch UNSHAKEN, a campaign to h...
published: 18 Mar 2010
author: charitywater
published: 22 Oct 2013
Matt Damon's Promise to Haiti
On a recent trip, Water.org co-founders Matt Damon and Gary White visited Haiti, and left ...
published: 31 Aug 2012
author: water
World Longest Zip Line over water in Haiti Dragon's Flight
2600ft long over the water with a nice view of the beach on the private island of labadee ...
published: 21 Mar 2012
Haiti Water Crisis -- What's to be done?
In the wake of the earthquake in Haiti, water relief is very important. International Acti...
published: 02 May 2009
author: Haitiwater
Helping Haiti
http://my.water.org/vlogbrothers Follow Savann Tabak and donate! Lisa's Video: http://www....
published: 22 Mar 2011
author: vlogbrothers
Youtube results:
Haiti Water Crisis- Drinking Stream Water- Poverty Week # 1
780 million people drink water from unsafe sources. That gives a person over a 10% chance ...
published: 18 Jul 2012
Haiti Water Crisis
published: 10 Mar 2013
Haiti Earthship Project: Water Systems Update
Amzi Smith, Earthship Mechanical Engineer gives us a brief overview of the job and locals ...
published: 31 Jan 2011
98.5 KTIS & Healing Haiti (Water Delivery)
According to UNICEF, only 30% of Haitians have access to safe drinking water and adequate ...
published: 10 Mar 2013
author: ktisfm
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